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About Kalasapakkam

aboutKalasapakkam is a fast growing town on the river bed of Cheyyar River in the Polur Taluk of Tiruvannamalai district. It is located on the way to Parvathamalai and it is a community of hard working people.

The town is governed by a Panchayat and it is known as a peaceful and harmonious community. The town has grown financially and many of the people from this town are educated and living abroad. There are a lot of farmers, weavers, potters in the community along with the business people. A paper mill offers employment to hundreds of people and it is a well known landmark here. There is a police station, union office, post office and an elementary school. There are also numerous nursery schools, girls higher secondary schools and boys higher secondary schools.

Festivals of all religions are enthusiastically celebrated by the entire town. People of all religions mingle freely and communicate with each other as equals. Muslims come to temples and Hindus support Muslim events. Both religions even support Christianity. The focus of the entire town is to live with unity and peace. You can see this from the various temples and mosques that exist in the town.

From this we see that Kalsapakkam is a good place to start business and industry. There is a good positive environment and a qualified workforce of educated people to join any business initiative. The people of the town will actively help everyone build their business and grow together.

Objectives of this website:

  • Bring the unity
  • Help people to get the information for better living
  • Help people to get jobs
  • Matrimony information for quicker marriage
  • Business promotion through this website
  • Any help seeker can get Help
  • Empower the people
  • Having guest House at Chennai for this region people to stay whenever they come to Chennai
  • Keeping the town clean and green
  • Helping people get educated
  • Bring more wealth to this Town
  • Look after the health of the people
  • Build old age home for care of the elderly
  • Provide information to face today’s life with day after tomorrow’s maturity